Our Mission

Ecopack is dedicated to bringing people a simple and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint… one bag a time! After ten years in the business of making small changes in everyday life, we are determined to continue making ethical products for a mutually greener future. Companies can now reduce their footprint, and that of their customers, by using our customized variety of sustainable bags for any and every purpose. Ecopack has all the tools to be your leading provider of eco-friendly choices to consumers.


We believe in products that empower customers to greatly minimize their carbon footprint with minimal effort.

Certified biodegrabable and compostable

Our products are certified biodegradable and compostable which means they are harmless to the environment and sometimes even provide food to living organisms.

Talk about closed-loop

We strive to practice a closed-loop model of sustainability. One of our stores provides customers with the opportunity to return compostable bags to a bin which is then taken to a composting facility.


Our packs are fully customizable so that we can ensure ever niche of bag use is another opportunity to help our fragile environment.

Our Products

At Ecopack we offer a range of Degradable, Recycled, Biodegradable and Paper Bag options for businesses moving away from traditional plastic and choosing more sustainable options.Look out for Ecopack bin liners in supermarkets nearest to you.


Are you looking for the flexibility, strength, and workload capacity of a traditional bag without the heavy impacts to our environment? EcoPack’s Degradable products are the answer for you. Traditional plastic bags are known to take almost a thousand years to decompose in our environment. One thousand years is enough time for just one plastic bag to be confused for a jelly fish by many hungry sea turtles; imagine the devastating impact of millions of traditional plastic bags in our oceans. Our degradable bags made with EPI can degrade to fine particles  when exposed to sunlight and do not give off harmful chemicals to our environment when exposed to heat!

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EcoPack offers compostable bags made of corn starch and completely natural in composition. Therefore, our compostable bags become food for worms and beneficial bacteria in our environment! Imagine the benefits of using a bag that is airtight and waterproof yet feeds organisms in our environment when they are done being used. Compostable bags begin decomposing from the first day in a compost pile and are completely gone within 90 days. This eliminates the impact of many tons of plastic bags sitting in our landfills for thousands of years when they can now sit in our compost piles for just a few weeks.

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Our Story

EcobagsNZ was started in 2007 by Jas and Simren, a husband and wife team looking to make a difference. They’d grown tired of the waste created by plastic bags and business marketing collateral, and decided that there needed to be a better way. They were determined to fill the gap for reusable, sustainable bags in the business branding market, and help businesses promote themselves in a greener, more eco-friendly way. And so EcobagsNZ was born. From these humble beginnings we’ve established a green niche in an otherwise uncaring market, and supported by a close-knit team of like-minded, passionate people, deliver the best quality reusable and organic products to our customers.

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